Lindsey Adelman makes these beautiful lighting projects! They look like molecules with an amazing exposure!



You don't want the standard bookshelf everybody has. The WOK family has a very creative idea! Just go to the forest and grab a big curling branch wood and take it home. Sand the branche, impregnate it, and paint it in a color you like! Underneath you'll see how the WOK family creates this cool bookshelf!



Found these most coolest cups ever! Saw them in Switserland at a design cooking shop. They are from Revol, a French brand founded in the 18th century. It is just like you have squeezed the cup, so it would fit right into the palm of your hand. Actually they are made of porcelain. Couldn't find a Dutch website, but my sister in law did! At EasyGet you can find the same cups, but designed by Rob Brandt in white. So if you want to buy them in the Netherlands it is possible!



Now you just want to eat those beautiful apples, don't you?! The furniture is completely white, but the transparant boxes makes this special and customizable. You can change the color every time you want with different things you will find. 
Made this picture at an exhibition in Amsterdam. Think this is perfectly designed, really my style! Look at the website to see more..



Doesn't this van give you the SUMMER FEELIN'?! Walked by it on my way to school and just had to stop to take a picture. Unfortunately the interior was not as cool as the van promised, but I still wanted to get behind the wheel and drive to the sun!

Browsed the web to see some inspiring van interior. And yep, still summer in my head :)

flickr, vwcampervanblog
flickr, muranosilver
flickr, vagabondblogger 

flickr, buglugs
flickr, desertmules



My favorite dining place in 's-Hertogenbosch is DIT. I love the interior, which is designed by studio boot. (You should really check out the website, cause they have done great work!) The DIT serves delicious small dishes. Love the way you get your fries, in a cone! Today I made some pictures of the exterior. 

Check out the website to see more>


This is the house of the future! It has got so many cool features, I want to have that mirror! This house was designed in 1991, so you might think it is outdated. But that is not true, most of the things aren't part of the usual stuff yet. So watch the video and maybe you can implement some ideas in your house!



Found this cool tent on the web! If you like to see the stars when your lying in bed, or just love the nature than the BUBBLE tent is the solution! This transparant tent is ideal for real nature lovers. It's designed by Jean Stephane Dumas.


Surprise your loveone with these heart shaped chocolates. You can make it easy yourself (I've learned from a colleague of mine)! I am definitely not head-cook, but this is really easy. Just buy some bars of chocolate, an icecube maker and maybe some nuts. Melt the chocolate and put it in the icecube maker. Leave it for a little hour, and there you are!



Bought a new sink today (from sanidusa), which you can find on the page 'New home at Zuid', so I wanted to know if they have anything else. This searching event brought me to some lovely pictures of different bathrooms. 

Black and white is what you find in most bathrooms at the moment. It can be boring, but it can also be very modern! Mastella Designs creates these fantastic products. 

This fantastic, crazy, fabulous, glamorous piece of work I could not keep from you. Found it at this website. Don't have to say another word!

And last but not least before my battery (of macbook) if fully empty, this new design of Chin Chia Lim a student. He won with his design the bathroom innovation award of 2010!



The past weeks I saw a lot of felt used in interior design. The material is great! You can use is for almost everything. So I looked on the web for interesting companies/designers which have an incredible inspiring collection. And look what I have found!

Found this at the website Interiorzine.com. The british award winning designer Selina Rose is great! She produces a whole collection of felt, using a special cutting technique. Especially the use of different hard colors appeals to me. You can buy different products to give your interior color and warmth. My advise, look at the website!


Another website I found is from a Dutch designer Wynske. She creates paintings and accessoiries of felt. They are all handmade and give the interior a natural warmth, as she sais herself. The great difference with the Selina Rose is the use of color. Wynske uses natural colors which give the interior more calmness. She creates perfectly beautiful things! Love the lamp! 


TIRE the chair

Found this chair at the 'Woonbeurs Amsterdam'! Great chair which I thought: that is something I can make too :). So I pulled out some old bikes and grabbed the tires. The wooden frame I made with some old scrap wood. Than get all your strength together and pull the tires braided over the frame. And tadadaaa this is the result!

Got the inspiration at the Woonbeurs>

Made it myself>



Just bought a new magazine, Stijlvol Wonen! I had never seen this one before, but it is a really good buy :). From the outside it looks a bit classic, which I do not actually prefer. But within it shows a lot of modern things! I took some pictures so you can see what I am talking about. They have some great articles about what is new in interior and interesting interviews. I am inspired by numerous photographs!



Yesterday I have been to Loods5 in Sliedrecht. I had really great expectations about this big design store. Entering the store I directly grabbed an information book about the different designs instore. This small book told me little about the assortment and the different brands Loods5 sells. Now I really got excited :)

The first impression in the store was great. I saw some awesome new things, which I visualized underneath. But after a while I started to notice there were to many products inside. You could not see really nice decorated living rooms or bathrooms. It was a mixture of all sorts of products. 
Anyway, I DID find some new trends which I like. In the visual I put together some pictures where you can see the things I thought are interesting when decorating you own room. Maybe you can get some inspiration!



Design Hotels

These pictures are from the website design hotels,  http://designhotels.com/, a very inspiring website when you want to see some new design stuff. I just picked some hotels I find outstanding!
You can book a room if you like. Maybe a nice present for valentines day :), they have a special offer. 


Toilet Paper

Love it! Use your old magazines to pimp you toilet. Choose the pictures you like the most, get some glue and stick it on the wall! I got this picture while I was at an exhibition a few years ago. As you can see, the magazines are a bit old :)


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