And what kind of furniture shall I bring into my living room? Mmmh... tough decision with all those choices! Just had a look at the website of 0900-design. They have fabulous things, but maybe a bit above my budget... Nevertheless I can always make a 'LOVE2HAVE' list :)


Surprisingly all new kinds of lamps come to my radar the  past few days. Read an old 101woonideeën magazine yesterday and saw these lovely cuplamp! 
Sorry for the bad quality, but my phone can't make any better.. 

Browsed the web for more creative ideas with cups:

This last picture I saw on the website of JolijnDesign. She is a great blogger with fantastic new ideas to make from regular things a new design. You should really check out her website for some great pictures and to see more etageres made of cups!



This weekend we bought the tiles for the bathroom at Nijhof! After a long time doubt we decided to buy 60x60 tiles, chosen for both the floor and the wall. This tile will be a linethrough from floor to wall. Hopefully it will be nice:)
They look a bit like the picture above!



Make your own cheapass lamp with some plastic cups! Got this really cool idea from a friend of a friend of mine. She send me some pictures to see the result, and it is fabulous! 

These are the products you need: plastic cups, glue gun, fitting with cable, wire and some tools (just take a look at the pictures).

To see the whole description, look at the photostream of Lollyman at Flickr! I will try this when I have my new house, and have enough space :). I think I will make it with the red plastic cups..!



So, I just had the feeling to look for some nice bedrooms and to see some happy people jumping on their bed:)(but maybe that is only because I can't do that with a loft bed).                 
I'm not sure which bed I love the most.. and stil wondering how I will decorate my own bedroom. Clean white with a color touch or just romantic with different soft colors. Mmm....       


START THE WEEK with sun & Ikea lighting!

What a great weather to start the week! It gives you directly the summer feelin'. These Ikea lampions are great to have, give you home or garden the colourful touch it deserves...

And other lampion inspirations ;)..



As I posted earlier, I went through some old magazines and surprisingly it gives you a lot of inspiration! So I scanned them all, to share them with you. Hopefully you will enjoy!


style the WIRE simple

Are you fed up with that ugly wire?! Than you should really buy these wire blooms! You can easily attach them on the wall. If you would like to order them, take a look at the website of Design-3000.

Cable Clips Wire Blooms - €6,95 - 12 leaf clips, 1 bird clip



Saturday, June 25, the first blogger-event will be organized in the Netherlands. The topics will be lifestyle and design! The prospects are great, so I want to have a ticket. Because of the sponsors the event is free of charge! 
One of the speakers is Holly Becker, the founder of the blog Decor8! I follow this blog regularly and can't wait to see who write these lovely posts. 
So, I can see ONLY benefits.
Maybe see you too?? 



My cousin visited this blog a few days ago and immediately send me an email with an inspiring website! Dezeen.com, a huge webblog about influential architecture and designs. With their mission:
'to bring you a carefully edited selection of the best architecture, design and interiors projects from around the world before anyone else.'

These fancy chairs are made by the Swedish designers Marcus Abrahamsson Kristoffer Fagerström. To see more check the website!

Another real cool furniture element on this website is made by London studio Raw Edges, whom made three different benches that you can put together easily! Check here!

And great thnx to my cousin ;)



Want to get inspired to create your own bathroom, kitchen or living room? Just go to the liever.com and you will find thousands of pictures! Here some pica's I will use to decorate my own house.



Yeeeeeh, finally I can show my new couch! Since a few days my old couch got back to his original place (at my parents), so now I have a bit more space in the, already small, living room. And with the sun coming through, I thought 'this is THE moment to take a picture of it'! 
Got it second hand from a lovely couple who lives nearby. It is white leather with cool stitching. I also got a loveseat and a pouf with it, but that doesn't fit in this house. So we had to storage it at my parents-in-law (whom I'm very thankful for that).
Yesterday evening I just had the feeling to grab some old magazines to see if they could tell me something interesting. And surprisingly magazines dated 2009 are still really inspiring!



A friend of mine pointed me at this fantastic Dutch concept,'do things differently' with DROOG! This conceptual design company is located in Amsterdam, but also works abroad. The company states in New York and Las Vegas. I am going to buy that laaaaaamp :)!  

Change your interior every day with this fabulous chair! (This is a great inspiration to make your own chair with some quilts you have left!)

Names & prices: Sticky Lamp by Chris Kabel - 19,50 / Darwin Chair by Stefan Sagmeister - request price / Sky Planter by Patrick Morris - 28,50



Today the sun came through and I suddenly had the feeling to bring a fresh wind in my interior. So I grabbed all my accessoiries and put them on a different spot. That always gives me a great feeling! In the afternoon I paid a visit to the florist and bought these beautiful branches. Summer feelin' all over again!

Vase-Hema / Cushion-Hema / Cookies-Lifestyle / Curtain-Ikea


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