Yesterday I planned a day out with my sister in Utrecht. A bit of chatting and shopping. Despite the rain it was a great day! Came by the most cute and designfull store: Rachmaninoff. And immediately my addicition to buy lamps came through.. Bougth this one, the Leitmotiv Harmonica!

Here an impression of the store. If you are in Utrecht, you should really visit this store.



Today in the mailbox: new seasons magazine of H&M! So I grabbed a cup of coffee, some of my favorite cookies and just went through the new HOME collection. These two pillows are my favorite things!

Check out the website to see more... 



I would like to have a new carpet in de living room for a while now. So we have seen a lot, but none of them fit. It is the color, the size or the texture that doesn't fit at all. 
But last week I may have found the solution, Esprit  Home sells these unique floorings. You can put different textures and colors together and thereby create your own carpet! It is like a puzzle.
I am not sure which colors I will pick, but I will order some!
Check Esprit website..



Hello there! Well I am back again from a lovely holiday! I've been to Mallorca, just to relax and enjoy the sun. 

We had a lovely week there, after a few weeks of hard work in the house. Here is a very short recap!

Besides the beach and the sun, we have seen a lot of different beautiful houses along the coastline. Dream places! Here You can see one of them. A classical modern style, just perfect. Unfortunately I couldn't see the interior, cause the windows were tinted.

Now we wanted to see more of the island, so we took an excursion with the bus. First we went to a glass factory and found this awesome lamp. Ofcourse we couldn't take is with us, cause the only thing that could happen was BREAK.

Next, we went to a pearl factory, where the pearls are still handmade by a lot of women.

This last thing I would like to share is this tree! We found it at a lovely bay. It is totally made of stainless steel. Maybe it is something for my garden, very easy to maintain :)


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