Hi there, I've just received the most amazing gift from my grandma! A few days ago, I sent her a new idea for  an 'egg-hooded' (from the lovely blog yvertown and 101woonideeen) by email, since she already started making beanies for the winter.  I think she liked the idea, because the next day she already finished the egg-hoodeds and this is the result...!
This is gonna be a great Easter ;)



I'm so fed up with that cold weather here.. According to the calender the spring already should have started, but the sun certainly doesn't feel like shining. So, I started dreaming about the summer and my (not yet certain) trip to South-Africa... Here some lovely pictures based on my dreams + interior.



Are you working from a home office too? This is a simple and easy styling tip ;) Just buy some characters made from cardboard or wood and stick it on the wall! In just a few minutes your workin' space is pimped a little bit!

I bought these ones at Xenos, but you can also buy characters at kartonwinkel or babypark.



Recently I discovered the Freshome's Facebook page and it turns out to be great! They post continuously fantastic inspiration houses. Just now they posted this fabulous Minimalist Warsow Home, which I love! Especially the stairs and the doors of the bedroom are amazing. It certainly gave me some inspiration to highlight the stairs! Check the other pictures for more possibilities.. 


Art & Nails

You wanna create art for less than ten euros? That's possible! I've just visited this lovely webshop Mo Man Tai and they have some great stuff. Look at the Masterpieces Pattern Sheet to turn your wall into a piece of art ;) All you need is the sheet, some rope and nails. Besides Masterpieces, you can also decorate the wall with lyrics or words. Just check the website kamer26.nl or spijkerpatroon.nl


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