And what do you think about the weather? Great isn't it! But, why took it so long for the sun to come?! 
Last week I spend some time with my sister. I've had a delicious cup of coffee and a homemade brownie at Pink Lemon in Den Bosch. 

After this lovely break, we paid a visit to several design stores in the city. And I would like to share this particular place, Design in Huis. The shop provides a unique combination of kitchens, floors, design furniture, lighting and also total interior proposal.
Take a look at the pictures!



I bought these vases for my birthday money!!! Thank you all!
They are 60 cm high and fabulous kitsch don't you think..



as promised...


The weekend is sadly over.. I am back at the University again, studying and writing this blogpost. But I look back at a great weekend, with many completed projects in our house, a fantastic birthday party in the garden and a relaxing sunday with nice food. All in all, it couldn't be better!
The bathroom is now completely finished and looks great! And also in the garden all the pieces came together. Now we can enjoy the sun(when it will shine someday...). Well I shouldn't complain, cause Saturday was the weather was great!
I even found the time to take a trip to the city this weekend. While waiting for my boyfriend I found the chance to quickly pay a visit to a small design lifestyle shop. And that was the place where I suddenly did my, so called, impulse purchase. The shop was lovely decorated and I was in the mood to just buy something colorful, something that made me happy. And there was it: HAPPY LIGHTS!
I put together some different colors, which I liked the most! Decided to take the pink and grey ones in different color sets. With the lighting inside, I believe this is a nice decoration thing!

Check out the website to see more.
Tonight I will make a picture of my own :)

(This is the shop in Antwerp)



I was just browsing the internet to check out the brand ZEBRA. Last Saturday I bought this new bag, which is lovely, but never heard of the brand before. So I thought, maybe they have some more great products! Turns out, it is a brand that sells bags for children :). The one I bought is the only 'grown-up' product they have..

Nevertheless, I did enter the website http://www.puurstaud.nl/, which also sells some other nice products. Found these slippers from RUBY BROWN, made of patchwork! With the weather here, these are a must..

And maybe this home will fit perfectly ;)


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